Sunday December 1, 2019 written by Rev. Matt Falco

1 Thessalonians 5:1-2 Common English Bible (CEB)

We don’t need to write to you about the timing and dates, brothers and sisters. You know very well that the day of the Lord is going to come like a thief in the night.

We tend to think about Advent as a season of waiting and anticipation, but is this the same as a call to idleness? I’m sure many of you are thinking, there is nothing “idle” about the run-up to Christmas. Every day on the calendar is booked, end of the year work obligations are piling up, and the to-do lists are almost as long as the lines of traffic. Even if your life isn’t filled with this kind of busyness or you’re in a phase of life that is more ordered or something in your life besides the season has taken center stage, Advent is an invitation to reflect on what your heart is really focused on. What is most important in your life today? Aren’t there things happening in our world that God calls us to tend to now? We think so. We shouldn’t have to wait to experience God’s liberating love. We know there are things we need to change about ourselves right now. We can start using God’s gift of the imagination to help create God’s community on Earth. We can awaken to the miracle of the incarnation of God’s love. All this can happen today. We don’t have to wait. 


God of creation, you have given us this moment to take the next step on our journey of faith. Even when it’s dark and the way is unclear, you promise to walk beside us and to guide our steps. While we continue to look for the coming of your Son, give us strength to serve you and your world. We Can’t Wait to see what you have planned next for us. We pray in the name of your Son. Amen. 


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