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Caring Meals Ministry2


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CARING MEALS – A new program from the Mission Committee

MSPC is a caring community, members helping one another. We all have taken meals to members during a family crisis, when a family member is in the hospital or very ill at home, when a caregiver needs a respite from cooking or when a person living alone needs a bit of help after a hospitalization or illness And that will always continue.
However, the Mission Committee wants to formalize that helping just a bit and, and it is starting a new program that will have frozen dishes available from the church when a need arises or until the other supports kick in.

Here’s how it will work for the cooks.
MSPC cooks will prepare a main dish, side dish, dessert, or whatever they like that freezes and thaws well. For example, make a larger batch of chili, eat some and give some to Caring Meals. They will package it in a disposable container wrapped for freezing and attach a label, which can be obtained in the office, to the outside of the package. It is important that the label be filled out completely, including all of the ingredients, in case the recipient has food allergies. Then they will call Pam or Kate to arrange a drop-off time when the office is staffed. That’s all!

Here’s how it will work for the recipients.
MSPC members will call Pam or Kate when a need arises and discuss what is needed and what is available in the freezer and arrange a pick-up time. Or one of the staff can bring a pre-arranged dish when they visit the member at home. That’s all.

Obviously, this program has two participants and both are needed for it to succeed! Cooks – let’s stock the freezer! Members in need — don’t hesitate to use this new service! We already have two main dishes waiting to go!

Any questions, contact Jackie DeCroo at or 859-224-9379 or Pam or Kate in the office at 859-255-1074.


Caring Meals Ministry for the Time-Constrained

Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Mission Committee’s work but know that your job, family, or life in general leave little time to get involved? Well, here is your chance to contribute. A new mission opportunity has just been born at church called “Caring Meals.” (see article to the left). Here is a way for you to help this mission by working with others: 3 times a year, a group of Maxwell Streeters who like to cook or don’t mind helping in the kitchen will meet in Fellowship Hall to prepare meals for congregational members in need. Those meals will then be stored in one of our big freezers awaiting the times when members could use some TLC and some food. At those times, one of our group will be notified by the church staff and will deliver the meals to the members in need. This mission needs people to cook, to clean up and to deliver meals. If you are interested in being a part of our team that meets just three times a year, please email Debi MacQuown at or indicate on the Sunday attendance sheet that you would like to be put on the list of people who would like to help. It’s a low commitment/high impact opportunity to serve.