Emergency Assistance

Emergency Assistance during Covid 19 closures

Due to the precautions we are taking to continue to keep our community safe there are some changes with the services our Social Worker can help with. While the Church office is closed our Social Worker is helping as many clients as possible. She is no longer seeing clients in person at the office but she is returning calls to messages left on the client line 859-233-0723 at any time.

Unfortunately we are currently unable to help with the following:

• ID’s and Drivers Licenses.

• Food Handler’s Permits because that requires you to come in person to take the test on the computer.

We can help with:

Client line 859-233-0723 – please leave a message and your call will be returned.

• Birth certificates – these require a signature, so please call to be directed to the correct download of the application for the state the birth certificate is coming from. Please then download the application from the internet, complete it, sign it and mail it to our Social Worker at Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church, 180 E. Maxwell Street, Lexington, KY 40391. We then write the check to accompany the application and mail it in to the appropriate state.

• Laundry cards can be mailed directly to clients. Call to make arrangements.

• Bus passes can be mailed directly to clients. Call to make arrangements.

• Prescription Medications – Our Social Worker can still purchase medicine at pharmacies that will allow her to pay for it and leave it there for clients to pick up.

• Gasoline Assistance – Call to make arrangements. Our Social worker can meet clients at the gas station to provide gasoline assistance.

• Toiletries, work boots, etc. – Call to make arrangements. Our Social Worker can leave these items outside the door.

• Utilities etc – Most financial assistance (rent and utilities) can be facilitated via phone, fax, email and mail. We have already received several calls from folks out of work due to the crisis. Fortunately, utility companies are not disconnecting right now and landlords are not evicting.

Social Worker Office Hours:  Tuesdays & Wednesdays 10:30am-1:30pm

Phone number: 233-0723

In 1999, MSPC hired a part-time social worker to administer an emergency assistance program which has grown from serving 17 individuals/families and $461.16 in 1999 to serving 1032 individuals/families and $25,136.92 in 2019.  The table displays the dramatic increase.  The emergency assistance program primarily assists with rent and  utilities,  but also helps purchase forms of identification, medication, auto parts, etc.


# Families/Individuals Served Total Amount

Per Person/Family Average

1999 Sept-Dec 17 $470.16 $27.66
2000 25 $870.62 $34.82
2001 48 $2,259.00 $47.06
2002 91 $3,244.58 $35.65
2003 169 $9,380.33 $55.51
*2004 368 $12,786.26 $34.75
*2005 410 $8,645.72 $21.09
2006 440 $11,850.76 $26.93
2007 552 $13,124.32 $23.78
2008 636 $18,395.95 $28.92
**2009 852 $44.222.62 $51.90
**2010 908 $44,648.26 $49.17
2011 801 $23,188.53 $28.95
2012 941 $23,796.04 $25.29
2013 1127 $31,043.00 $27.54
2014 1102 $25,786.04 $23.40
2015 943 $25,608.00 $27.15
2016 1127 $24,728.00 $21.94
2017 1016 $22,916.00 $22.56
2018 1172 $28,486.35 $24.31
2019 1032 $25,136.92 $24.36

*In 2004,MSPC started distributing Lextran bus passes, which cost $15.00 each.  For this reason, the number of people that we helped increased significantly, but the amount per person/family decreased. In 2005, the trend continued as more bus passes were distributed.

**In 2009 and 2010, MSPC received federal funds to distribute to the community in addition to the church budgeted funds.  With the federal funds, we were able to help with a full month’s rent or utilities.  For this reason, the number served, the total amount distributed, and the amount per person/family all increased.  In 2011, MSPC did not apply for federal funds, and numbers returned to normal trends of gradual increase.