Church Family- Intergenerational Fellowship

The Family Life Committee asks, “Who is our Family?”

The simple answer is, everyone! At Maxwell Street, we consider our church family to be everyone from the newest born to the oldest, whether you are single or in a relationship, parenting, care-giving, working, or retired. Whether we have known each other for decades, we are just getting to know each other, or we are strangers, if you are here at Maxwell Street or even if you have moved away, you are family. What does it mean to be a part of a Christian community that considers all it knows and meets as family? It means everyone belongs, is wanted, and is loved. It means we work to know one another better as we grow, and work to stay together as the world around us changes. We do this through spending time together and serving alongside one another. 

The Family Life Committee is committed to providing good programs for children, youth, and their families AND providing intergenerational events and volunteer opportunities that everyone in the congregation is welcome to participate in. One of the gifts of the church is that different generations come together, like within a family. From now on, if you see an event labeled “Family Life,” you are welcome to come, whoever you are. We hope you will take advantage of Family Life events as opportunities to build new relationships with all the different aged and background people of Maxwell Street. We hope to see you soon at a Family Life event!



International Book Project – August 17 – All ages are welcome to join the Family Life committee in volunteering at the International Book Project on August 17th from 10-12. The International Book Project is an internationally recognized effort to increase literacy worldwide, and was started here in Lexington by a Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church member, Harriet Van Meter! The International Book Project needs help sorting all the mass of books they receive, and can use help from little hands and seasoned hands alike. If you would like to participate, but need a ride to get there, contact the church office. We hope you’ll join us for a few hours work and fellowship, helping to provide books to kids and families worldwide!

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