Maxwell Street Nursery School

We have so much fun at Maxwell Street Nursery School.

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Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church Nursery School Program is a great way to introduce young children to a school-like setting, with a small number of children and excellent teachers. Both of our teachers are members of the church.  Karen Van Sanford has taught in the program for over 10 years and Kay Roberts will start her fifth year with the children.   

We feel that young children learn best in a small group setting. It is also important that they feel safe, loved and nurtured, while they are in school. Therefore, we keep our enrollment to a maximum of 10 children.

Children are registered for the school year.  They are here Monday and Wednesday from 9-Noon or 9-2. Tuition till noon is $20 per day and till 2pm is $30 per day. Monthly tuition is calculated by the number of days school is open each month.

A one-time, non-refundable  registration/supply fee of $75  is due when you register your child.

We are currently registering children for the fall.  To learn more about the program, please call Pam Boldt at the church office (255-1074).