Presbyterian Women

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Presbyterian Women will provide you an opportunity to know more fully the women in our church family and to learn more about them as we work together on special projects, study the Bible together and interact on a regular basis with each other.  


OUR NEXT MEETING ~ February 1 at 10:30am

We will gather in Fellowship Hall at 10:30.  Because of the weather our meeting was cancelled in January so this month the Bible study will be on both Lesson 5 and 6.  Lesson 5 is “In Community with the Tradition of the Past.” This lesson will help us remember the things our ancestors in the faith bequeathed to us.  The faith tradition supports us by showing us both the successes and stumbles of biblical characters.  Lesson 6 is “In Community with the Reality of the Present.”  This lesson considers how communities of faith support each other during troubled times.  Frankie White will lead lesson 5 and Mary Waxham will lead lesson 6.

Following the Bible Study we will share a soup and dessert lunch ($5) together.  Hope you can join us.

Snow Warning: If schools are cancelled so is our meeting.  

COORDINATING TEAM ~ will meet on February 1 at 9am in the library.


MARCH MEETING  ~ The 1st is the date for the March meeting

This month’s Bible study will be Lesson 7, “In Community with the Hope of the Future.” This lesson centers our attention on God’s Sabbath rest, where we find hope and support for the future, as well as for our current situation.

The Birthday offering will be received and we’ll have a lunch together.  Kate and Pam will prepare lunch ($6) and we’ll talk about what’s new at church and how it affects our women plus cares and concerns.  

Snow Warning: If schools are cancelled so is our meeting.  

If you need a ride to church, please call Sue at 273-3324 or Linda at 554-5466.


The Coordinating Team will meet in the library on Thursday, March 1 at 9:00am.