Room In the Inn

Room in the Inn provides pre-screened men a hot supper, bathing facilities, a warm evening of TV, checkers, or reading, a clean bed in a secure location, a hot breakfast (lots of coffee), and a sack lunch. They arrive at 7 p.m. and leave at 6 a.m. Many of them have jobs and have to be on a 6:20 a.m. bus out of the Transit Center.

2015 -16 Season

Thank you’s go to so many of you who have volunteered with Room in the Inn (RitI) in the past.  We’re looking for volunteers for the 2015-16 season.  We need people to:

*drive the van or their own vehicles,

*grocery shop,

*prepare meals,

*sleep over,

*make beds, and other assorted chores

If you are interested in helping with this season, (1st, 3rd, & 5th Tuesdays during December -March), please contact Grover Mollineaux RitI Coordinator (420-6125,