Sandwich Ministry

sandwich ministry

Sultry summer mornings, rain, snow, even during the ice storm of 2003, Sandwich Ministry thrives every Sunday morning. Sunday mornings, when many area relief agencies are closed and the homeless are left with nowhere to find food, we create and distribute sandwiches to those in need. A group of volunteers gathers at 8:30 in the church kitchen to prepare 120 sack lunches (2 ham and cheese sandwiches, a juice box, and fruit). It’s not a turkey dinner, but it’s something our neighbors count on every single week.  Then at 9:10, a delivery crew gathers all of the coolers of sack lunches, cool lemonade (soup during winter), and coffee and distributes the free food at Rupp Arena Parking lot (corner of Broadway and Maxwell) at 9:30. If you are interested in volunteering on Sunday mornings, please contact the church office (255-1074).




This is the current schedule.  Take a look and if you know you will not be able to work on a Sunday you have been assigned it is your responsibility to find a substitute. The best way is to keep this email and then reply to all with your request for a substitute or to switch weeks.

If you cannot find a substitute please let me know. You can send me an email at or call my home phone, 223-9020, especially if it is a last minute change.

Also, remember when a family is scheduled to work it is expected that at least two people from the family will work.

As usual sandwich making starts at 8:30 Sunday mornings and delivery people start loading up at 9:15. Because the services at Nathaniel Mission are running later people are showing up later for our sandwiches. Be sure not to give out seconds until 10 and look to see if people are headed your way from the far end of the parking lot.

Everyone should also remember to clean up the kitchen after making the sandwiches as well as washing out the coffee and lemonade/soup containers after returning to the church.

Thank you,

Joe Kyle


December 4  

Make: Bob & Karen Hubbard, Christina Keith, Whaley Family

Deliver: Becky Kemper, Jamie Schrader, Karen & Dave VanSanford


December 11

Make: Larry & Sharron Townsend, Carol Bryant, Chip & James Weitkamp

Deliver: Carol Bryant, Richard Marshall, Karon Dimon, Mark Hart


December 18

Make: Goulson Family, Summers Family, Cathy Penman

Deliver: Goulson Family, Robert Ray & Gloria Westerfield


December 25

Make: Hawkins Family, Joe & Sandy Kyle

Deliver: Hawkins Family, Joe & Sandy Kyle


January 1

Make: Jason & Andrea Williams, John & Laura Hatfield, Lon & Angela Keith

Deliver: Jason & Andrea Williams, Tad Hughes, Barry Snelling


January 8

Make: Midway Presbyterian Church

Deliver: Midway Presbyterian Church


January 15

Make: DaKarai Carrington, Hartley Family, Anderson-Cooper Family

Deliver: DaKarai Carrington, Hartley Family, Grover Mollineaux


January 22

Make: Brantly Graham, Joy Malone, Jennifer Smith Family, Carolyn May

Deliver: Brantly Graham, Joy Malone, Laurie & Terry Hainley


January 29

Make: Ruddy Family, Matthew Stinnett & Tonya Jernigan, Joe Kyle

Deliver: Jennifer & Paul Smith, Shelli Gregory, Joe Kyle


February 5

Make: John & Cindy Cantrell, Greg & Jean Harper, Sarah Melton

Deliver: Katie Blair & Mike Schmitt, Becky Kemper, Jamie Schrader


February 12

Make: Carol Bryant, Copley Family, Kalika Family

Deliver: Carol Bryant, Cathy Penman, Karem Dimon, Mark Hart


February 19

Make: Girl Scouts

Deliver: Tad Hughes, Barry Snelling, Robert Ray, Gloria Westerfield


February 26

Make: Sally & Nick Baker, Gookin Family, Jason Williams

Deliver: Sally & Nick Baker, Gookin Family


March 5

Make: Denise & Ray Reynolds, Perry Family, Grover Mollineaux

Deliver: Blitch Family, Karen & Dave VanSanford


March 12 Daylight Savings Starts. Don’t Be Late!

Make:  Goulson Family, Lon & Angela Keith, Christina Keith

Deliver: Goulson Family, Terry & Laurie Hainley


March 19  

Make: Larry Bender, Sharron Townsend, Hawkins Family, Dakari Carrington

Deliver: Hawkins Family, DaKari Carrington, Richard Marshall


March 26

Make: University of Delaware, Joe and Pam Boldt

Deliver: University of Delaware, Shelli Gregory