Weekly Educational Opportunities

“Kerygma” is the biblical word from the Greek language that means “proclamation.”  That’s the focus of our class… hearing the proclamation from Scripture… which means not just reading the Bible, but trying to get at the meaning behind the words…  all the way to their original meanings… as well as determining what they may mean for us today.  Woody & Jenni teach the class, but participants give and take all the way through the class. There is free expression of ideas and opinions and lots of laughter.  And learning! Folks always leave class feeling enlightened in one way or another.

Kerygma Class is available twice on Wednesdays! 

mornings at 10:30am-11:45am & evenings at 6:30pm-7:30pm

Kerygma Class ~ LIVE JUSTLY.  A new class will be offered for 6 weeks beginning November 2 that isi an in-depth scriptural and practical study to help us live justly.  Woody wil be teaching this series, which begins with the understanding that justice is part of the character and nature of God, and to live justly we must encounter God is a personal way.  We will do that by studying Scripture and engaging in conversations that are honest and heartfelt with one another.  People change through relationships not statistics.  Justice is not an activity once a year, but a lifestyle.  The hope is not just to learn what the Bible says, but that our everyday actions will be infused with justice.

This class is taught by Woody Berry & Jenni Marshall in the Church Library.


Centering Prayer ~ Tuesday evenings at 7pm

All are welcome to join in the West Parlor (Punch Parlor) any or every Tuesday. Centering Prayer is a form a silent prayer. Our usual format is 20 minutes of silence followed by reflective reading. The book we’re using this winter is “Wisdom Distilled From the Daily: Living the Rule of St. Benedict Today.” Susan Menard is the contact person. If you would like more information, give her a call at 276-3041.