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SaturdayTomorrow is the annual Pride Fest downtown at the Court House Square. We’ll have a booth, as in past years, and be passing out bottles of water and Maxwell Street bookmarks and sharing friendly hellos with all who stop by. If you’d like to help out or just say hello, come see us anytime between 11am and 6pm.

My sermon Sunday is called “Stepping Back and Taking the Long View.”  It is something God wants us to do; there are many stories in the Bible about the need to do this and the good that can be gained from it. I’m looking forward to sharing those stories with you, and my own story, as I step back and take the long view. Of course, there will be terrific music this Sunday – a prelude by Allison Weitkamp, oboist; hymns played by Jenni Marshall; the Chancel Choir singing “Christ Has Broken Down the Wall;” Zach Marshall singing the traditional Irish hymn “Be Thou My Vision,” and the Choir closing worship with the Gaelic Blessing and Jody McCaffery with a Postlude, “Walk Together, Children.”  There is always new life in worship – Pete and Laura Crawford’s daughters, Ellie and Caroline, will be baptized. And always mission – we will receive the Hunger Offering during the last hymn. Let us worship together!  Grace & peace…  Woody

ONE LAST DAY OF DIRECTORY PHOTOS– Rich will be available June 25 from 9-10:30am in Marshall Parlor to take your directory photo. Contact Kate in the office if you would like to schedule a time. (255-1074, If you are not able to take a photo but would like to submit one, please contact Kate in the office.

ALL ARE INVITED TO A CELEBRATION OF WOODY & JAN BERRY in Fellowship Hall. We’ll have a festive lunch ($6/adults; $3/ children 3-10; families $20) and roast the Berry’s in Maxwell Street style.

HOUSING SIMULATION GAME is Sunday evening 4:30-6:00. The youth work group is from South Elkhorn in Lexington. We need volunteers to play this fun real-life situation game with our visiting work camp. Volunteers will hold positions such as landlord, school administrator, and social worker. Instructions will be provided. It is very easy. Anyone can do it. If you have questions or would like to volunteer, contact Shelli at or 327-8578.

All are invited to meet in the Scout Room this summer for a Bible Study led by Ron Eads on the topic “Called to be Strong.”  This week – Samson’s Call – Judges 13-16.

10:00am Pastor’s Coffee Hour – Meet with Matt at Coffea for coffee and conversation.
10:00am Middle School Burnamwood Check-in
12:00pm Kids Café
8:30am Sweet Blessings
9:00am Staff Meeting
12:00pm Kids Café
12:00pm Kids Café
12:00pm Kids Café
6:00pm Neighborhood Meal
12:00pm Kids Café
9:00am Mahan Woodshop
10:00am KRM Children’s Choir

E7 NIGHT AT THE BALLPARK ~ Shelli has tickets for sale to see the Lexington Legends play the Greenville Drive on 3D Fireworks/ Star Wars Night, Friday, July 7, 2017. Ticket Sales benefit E7 Kids Café. Should be a very fun night at the ballpark!

July 7 – Youth & Church Night at the Legends (Benefits E7). Shelli has tickets for sale to see the Lexington Legends play the Greenville Drive on 3D Fireworks/Star Wars Night on Friday, July 7. Ticket Sales Benefit E7 Kids Café. The evening should be a very fun night at the ballpark!
July 19 – Youth Fun Evening at Champs

DUTCH will not meet in June, but mark your calendars for July 23. We’re going to Holly Hill Inn. You must RSVP for this one.

SANCTUARY. ~ The MSPC Social Justice Committee is studying the issues of “Sanctuary Churches” in response to the disruption of families by the new enhanced deportation rules. We’re doing what Presbyterians do best – educating ourselves and one another to determine the right thing to do. Would you like to serve on one of the research teams? They are listed below. Sign up today or call the church office and let us know how you would like to be involved. We hope to gather all the information in time to have a Lunch & Learn in September to talk about this as a congregation

  1. Definition/Purpose

what is meant by “sanctuary church”?
what are the theological reasons for doing it?
does it really help the people in need, or is it symbolic? political? …

  1. Legal Issues is it legal?

what is meant by sensitive location, managed detention, and enhanced enforcement?
would we be representing a family or individual in court? …

  1. Caring for People

what would be the financial cost?
what about schooling, meals, doctors?
can we care for one family? or more? …

  1. Experiences of Other Sanctuaries

what are other churches in Lexington doing?
what might we learn from our church’s General Assembly staff?
what advice might our Presbytery give us? …

  1. Other Options

might there be other actions, than Sanctuary, which might be more helpful?
might we do better teaming with other Presbyterian Churches in Lexington?
what might we do to engage ecumenically? …

Thursday of last week, the White House announced that immigrants enrolled in the 2012 program, known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals,” will continue to be protected from deportation and allowed work permits to continue in the US. Those affected are children who were brought to the US by their parents, and have never known any home but the US. No longer children, many have attended US school their entire lives and are now college students.
But Friday, White House officials said no decision had been made on the long-term fate of the program, so the “dreamers” might still face deportation, because the earlier statement was intended only to clarify that children could be extended two years at a time, but a separate action officially ended a similar extension program for the parents of those immigrants.

The Mission Committee will be collecting shampoo, conditioner, combs, brushes for the June and July Random Act of Kindness. These items will be given out through our social worker Shelli, to people in our community. Please place items in the box in the lobby.

Erin Thomas had surgery yesterday and is now home. She’s having a change of meds and is joyous as she continues her life.

Christina DeYoung’s mother had her surgery date moved to July 3. Please keep the whole family in your prayers.

Mildred McKeown remains in hospice care at Sayre Christian.

Darrell Maines’ brother continues at home with kidney failure.

Jim Neimi was back in church with us last Sunday. He’s doing well, but still has one surgery coming in the weeks ahead.

Marty Taylor is scheduled for hip surgery on June 22.

Doug Ensminger continues healing at home from foot surgery.

Our prayers are with Lynne Rogers and her family on the death of her sister-in-law who was struggling with cancer and had been in hospice care for the past few weeks.

Florence Dasher is in Richmond Place Rehab Unit, working on becoming more mobile.  (You could send her a card at Richmond Place Rehabilitation, 2770 Palumbo Dr. 40509)

 Pam Boldt’s mother continues with health issues at her retirement home in Midway.

The memorial for Kay Garner has been scheduled for Saturday, July 29, at 3:30 in the afternoon at Maxwell Street. Please continue to keep her family in your prayers.

from Martin Luther King Jr.: “Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that… I have decided to stick to love…Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

And a word of thanks…
It was January 18, 2008 when I first sent out a Friday mailer. I’ve continued it every week for the past 9½ years, with Matt co-sending and co-writing the last 7 months.  I’ve felt constantly in touch with you, in prayer with you, like church was us together. And as we move forward, I still will be in touch, in prayer, in communion, as I keep up with Matt’s mailer every Friday…  Woody

Just FYI, here’s the very first Friday Mailer ever sent out:

You asked for it; here’s my first try at it:  a Friday mailing with an update on what’s going on and what will be going on.  The intent is to be short, to the point, accurate, and timely. Let me know what you think…  Woody

This Weekend

  • Confirmation Class begins this weekend with a retreat to Burnamwood Friday through Sunday.
  • Woody’s Sunday School on Religion and Politics is studying Presidential Candidate Barak Obama’s statement on this topic.  Let me know if you want me to send you an e-mail of his statement.
  • Kyle is preaching at the 8:30 and 10:30 Services.  Scripture readings are Isaiah 42:1-9 and John 1:29-42. Special music will be from Jeremy Cady and Laura Crawford; Camilla Turner, Jeremy Bradford, Jeff Bradford.
  • New Members’ Class is Sunday at 11:30.  Please feel free to come help Woody who will be leading the class in the Johnston Parlor (or stick your head in and say hello).
  • Scotland Trip information meeting is this Sunday (1/20) at 11:30 in Marshall Parlor.
  • MLK Service will be held at Central Christian Church on Sunday evening at 6:00.  Come join us in the balcony at 5:30.

Next Week

  • Church Office is closed on Monday for MLK.
  • Youth will be in the MLK parade meeting at Heritage Hall at 9 on Mondaymorning.


  • The Session is off to a good start following our retreat and ordination/installation this past Sunday.
  • Burnamwood Update:  Woody’s Presbytery commitment is serving as Chair of the Burnamwood Committee.  Lee Boyd, the Interim Director, resigned last week.  To make things work on an interim interim basis, two other members of the committee, Barrett Milner (who directed our work camps last summer and is married to Carrie Lear Milner) and our own Pete Jones, have stepped up to serve as Acting Co-Directors on a temporary basis to get us through the spring and summer.  Barrett will concentrate on the financial, office, and spring conferences; Pete will help get the summer program going.  Woody is supervising them and working with the rest of the committee to make sure good things happen at Burnamwood. The camp we all love will continue to be most lovable in the days ahead.


  • Dick Degener is home recuperating from a hospital stay last week following surgery.
  • Pat Shugars has returned to Mayfair Manor.
  • Jim Floyd is home recovering from a heart attack.
  • Nancy Gamble is recuperating from shoulder surgery.
  • Wanda Olive’s mother is home following a hospital stays over the holidays.
  • Tom Jones’ father passed away Wednesday evening. The funeral is Saturday (10:30 at Spurlin Funeral Home)  411 W. Main, Stanford, KY. In lieu of flowers, gifts are suggested to the Alzheimers Fund in the name of Gilbert L. Jones.

from Martin Luther King:  “Hatred and bitterness can never cure the disease of fear; only love can do that.  Hatred paralyzes life; love releases it.  Hatred confuses life; love harmonizes it.  Hatred darkens life; love illumines it.”

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