Adult Christian Education

Sundays 9:15am – Scout Room (Basement Level off of the Fellowship Hall, currently via email) 

Adults can join the Scout Room class Sundays via email for fellowship and discussion of the latest lesson from The Present Word series.  For more information, contact Tom ( 


 April 4:  The Suffering Servant Brings Salvation (Isaiah 53:4-11)

April 11:  Ezra: Faith and Action Preacher (Ezra 10:1-12)

April 18:  Nehemiah: The Captive Cupbearer Rebuilds a Nation (Nehemiah 2:11-20)

April 25:  Lamentations: A Plea for Restoration (Lamentations 5)


(Meeting on Zoom at 9:00am)

Hosted by Rev. Matt Falco
9:00am Sunday 

Study the scriptures with Matt and other friends Sunday on Zoom. This spring, we are doing an overview of the New Testament. The purpose of the New Testament is to teach us about Jesus. Through his life, many come to know the power of God’s presence. Through Jesus’ death, many experience and learn a new understanding of God’s love. In Jesus’ resurrection, many come to discover the power of God’s transformation and share in Peter and the disciples’ confession of faith: in Jesus Christ there is eternal life. In the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, God’s promise is fulfilled in a new and marvelous way. Join us on Zoom at 9:00am. Email Matt (  for more information.

Wednesday Mornings 10:30 to 11:45am on Zoom 
(Meets virtually)

 Matt’s Wednesday classes meet at 10:30am (begins January 13)

A movement called Christian Nationalism was in the news before the attempted insurrection on January 6th, but since then, there has been a proliferation of articles on the subject. It is thought of by many as an extreme movement inconsistent with Christian teaching and practice. Many prominent evangelical pastors have denounced it. However, there are many pastors and churches that regularly weave together themes of Christianity and nationalism within their worshiping communities. An op-ed appeared in Newsweek on March 22nd asking if there was really anything wrong with Christian Nationalism, eventually drawing the conclusion that if defined correctly, the answer should be no. The author suspects (probably correctly) that millions of Christians would identify the United States as a “Christian Nation,” but asks us to wonder what they mean by that? We’ll think about this and more as we begin a conversation on this topic April 7th. No pre-reading is required, but in addition to many articles, books on the subject include: The Power Worshippers by Stewart, The Founding Myth by Seidel, and Taking America Back for God by Whitehead. Join us Wednesdays on Zoom at 10:30. Email Matt Falco for more information. Join us Wednesdays on Zoom at 10:30. For more information, email Matt ( I hope you’ll join us on Zoom for some insightful conversation. 


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