Advent 2021

We have lived for a long time now with the feeling that we can’t expect to know what will come next. This kind of uncertainty is not a very good feeling. The weeks leading up to Christmas are filled with a different type of anticipation: what might be wrapped in a box under the tree?! This kind of expectation and not knowing is fun because we know that the gifts are from those who love us and will likely make us feel good.   

Unlike either of these types of expectations, the season of Advent isn’t about not knowing what’s coming next or about the anticipation that comes with a surprise. The season of Advent is about the expectation of a promise fulfilled. God promises restoration, deliverance, salvation. And in the birth of Christ, those expectations are met. They are made a reality. As we approach Christmas during this season of Advent, we will talk about the hope, peace, love, and joy that come with our eager anticipation of God’s entrance into the world. 


Advent is a time of both celebration and reflection. It is a time of waiting and of expectancy. It’s a time of return to what we hold most valuable. This year’s Advent Devotional is meant to help us think about what it is that God is calling us to pay attention to and to do while we’re waiting. We hope the reflections of our congregation and staff help you see how the Bible and our daily living are always intertwined.




Are you willing to make calls or write cards to some of our elder, homebound, or more isolated members? This year, help the deacons out by calling or writing cards. The more cards sent, the merrier! Let your deacon, Kate, or Matt know and a handful of cards can be dropped off for you to write to whomever you want to connect with this season. 


Please bring scarfs, hats, gloves, and coats to place under the tree. And, we will continue accepting long john donations throughout the winter months. Your spirit of giving sends love, joy, hope, and peace to our Lexington families. 


Beginning December 16, MSPC will once again give our street family members, the homeless community and those seeking a hot meal a “Christmas stocking” of necessities to let them know that they are important, that they matter, and that they are loved. Can you join me in collecting items to place in their stockings?  Each person will receive a new toothbrush, toothpaste, lip balm, body wipes, lotion, powder, deodorant, travel tissue, hand warmers, dry shampoo, socks, a snack item, and an invitation to join us in worship. Items needed can be found on our website (AMAZON –, the travel section at Walmart, Meijer, or Dollar Tree.


The Christmas Joy Offering reflects that God is with us, through the generous gifts that support church leaders among us, retired, present and future, who have pointed us to God. Even as we support our current and former church leaders through the Assistance Program of the Board of Pensions, God is calling new leaders for our Church and world, through the ministry of Presbyterian-related schools and colleges equipping communities of color — offering students the means for a brighter future and enhanced opportunities to use their talents and skills to serve God, the Church and the world for years to come. Give by sending a check to MSPC with Christmas Joy in the memo line or by going online to our Online Giving webpage.



Sunday, December 12 Please join us for a special worship service on Sunday, December 12. The Children’s Choir will be singing and the Sunday school kids will be sharing a special message about Christmas too! We look forward to this wonderful service, Jesus Light of the World!


Sunday December 12 at 5pm Meet in the Fellowship Hall. Chili and Cider dinner at 5:00pm. Afterwards, we’ll break up into groups and head out to sing together (with masks). Everyone is welcome! This will also be the Youth Group event for December 12.


Wednesday, December 22, 2021 The holidays can be a very difficult season for many people. It might be your first Christmas without a loved one. You might feel as though you can provide for your families. You might be struggling with depression. Many of us have lives that are already stressful enough without the added responsibilities of the holidays. We offer a Longest Night service as a way of recognizing this reality. We will read psalms and scripture, light candles, and pray together. There will be no obligation to “keep it together.” There will be no expectation that we should sing about joy without acknowledging that it may not be a joyful time for us. There IS hurt and doubt and brokenness in the world—that’s why we needed God to be born into our world and live among us. Together, we will remember that the light will always overcome the darkness, no matter how long the night may seem.

6:00pm – Vegetarian Soup Supper in Fellowship Hall

6:30pm – Longest Night Service (Also Live Streamed on YouTube)