Building and Rehab Efforts

Maxwell Street has a huge core of skilled and unskilled volunteers, who love to build and improve homes and lives. We participate in Habitat for Humanity on a biannual schedule. We raise funds for the Habitat building supplies and the lot and then offer our skills during the building blitz.

MSPC participated in the refurbishment of the facilities that will house the Mission Lexington Medical Clinic. We provided the labor to redesign, up-date, and finish out the restrooms at the medical clinic.  The opening day for the medical clinic was in October, 2008. Also in 2008, MSPC participated in the Lexington Realtor Community Housing Foundation and Remodeler Council’s Repair Affair. The Repair Affair assists low income elderly homeowners who cannot afford the upkeep on their deteriorating homes.  With many enthusiastic volunteers from Maxwell Street, we scraped and painted a Lexington home over the course of a weekend. What a difference was made in the appearance of the home and in the spirits of the elderly homeowners.

In 2008, 2009 and 2010, we participated in the Owsley County Repair Affair.  In 2008, 21 MSPC members installed a water heater, window and porch on one home.  They also cleaned and painted a coupl of rooms in the home.  In 2009, nine MSPC members worked on two houses.  They installed new doors on one home and windows and a porch gate on another.  In 2010, eight MSPC members worked on two neighboring homes, replacing back doors on each, and three windows on one.

If you are skilled or would like to improve your building and rehab skills, please sign up and join us as new opportunities are announced in future Maxwell in Motions.