Caring Meals Ministry

Caring Meals Ministry2

Caring Meals

Here’s how it works on the giving side.

      1. You make a dish at home that freezes and bakes or microwaves well. Some examples are soups, pasta dishes, red or white chili — you get the idea.
      1. Make in a disposable pan or put in a freezer bag. The meal must be ready to just pop into our church freezer.
      1. Print a label from our website, complete and attach to your dish.
    1. Call Kate or Pam to make certain that someone is in the office when you drop it off at the church.

Here’s how it works on the receiving side.

  1. When you have a family emergency or illness, or caregiving responsibilities are weighing on you and you need a break from making dinner, call the office to make arrangements to receive a meal. Matt or Rachel may offer to bring a meal during a visit, so please do not hesitate to accept. Or if you know of someone in the congregation who may need some help with meals, please call anyone in the office.


For  those who would like to contribute a meal but have little time, the  Greek Orthodox Church on Tate’s Creek Rd will be having their Easter food sale soon. They make a delicious spanakopita and other casseroles that are packaged for the freezer and include cooking directions.

Any questions, email Jackie DeCroo at

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