Humane Immigration Practices

Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church stands against immigration practices that dehumanize migrants and our current immigration system that provides very little path to citizenship. As Christians, we believe we are connected to every human being worldwide by our shared creation and fate. We stand against an America first nationalism that leaves no room to welcome and value people of different nationalities, especially those in need of a safer life with more possibility. This does not diminish our pride in our country because we believe in the abundance of room for culture, people, ideas, and beliefs not in the competition of cultures and peoples. 

We will work to advocate for a more effective immigration system that processes those seeking asylum quickly, provides more possibility for American citizenship to our international neighbors, and meets those crossing our Southern border with safety and hospitality.

We partner with the Maxwell Street Legal Clinic in supporting their work of providing low-cost legal help to immigrants in Lexington, the Community Response Coalition in their work of providing aid to victims and families of immigration arrest, and Kentucky Refugee Ministries in their work of supporting Lexington’s refugee community. We will show up when these partners need advocates, support them with resources to the best of our ability, and pay attention to their asks from officials. 



Writing or Calling Officials

When calling or writing to officials, it is best to limit your asks to 1-3. Below is a list of possibilities. Select the ones that mean the most to you when you call or write to your elected officials so that you can speak with the most passion and care.

  • Elimination of border camps/ alternatives to detention
  • A resolution for DACA recipients, including a path to citizenship
  • Increased rights for undocumented citizens: healthcare protection when interacting with law enforcement, identification, voting rights