Presbyterian Women

Presbyterian Women – 110 Years of Faith and Mission  

This year Maxwell Street celebrates 130 years of existence and as part of Maxwell Street, Presbyterian Women celebrates 110 years.  Since 1912 Presbyterian Women has met under various names –  The Women’s Auxiliary, Women of the Church and Presbyterian Women.  

But the purpose of the group has remained the same.  Namely: 

  • To Nurture our faith through prayer and Bible Study
  • To support the mission of the church worldwide
  • To work for justice and peace, and
  • To build an inclusive, caring community of women that strengthens the Presbyterian church and witnesses to the promise of God’s kingdom.

We’ve lived this out in various ways. First we had Bible studies and book studies.  And then we’ve also had Personal Faith letters.  Right now, Rowena Johnson sends those out to us but others have done this in the past.  People such as Pat Spatz, Rowena and other faith-filled ladies have shared their spiritual journey with us on a monthly basis.  Some of those Personal Faith letters as well as other memorabilia will be on display after the service downstairs in Fellowship Hall.

And of course we’ve supported many missions over the years – these missions have been worldwide and local.  We’ve had fundraisers to support these missions which have been a popular part of the Maxwell St. traditions.  I’ll bet most of you think of one such fundraiser when someone mentions Presbyterian Women – PIE DAY!  It’s always been such a fun part of our mission work.

But all things change, and our group is no different.  Our numbers have decreased and we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the group formally.  Last Thursday was our final meeting but today we want to celebrate all that Presbyterian Women has meant to the church.  So after the service today we will be serving refreshments in Fellowship Hall .  We will have punch, coffee and pie as well as other goodies for all.  So please join us as we celebrate all the women of the church.  

One of the yearly traditions that our group has had is to honor one or two people within the church that have played a significant part in sustaining us in worship and mission.  We want to continue with that today.  Angela Keith will be presenting that award today during the service.