Refugee resettlement

Beginning with the sponsorship of a Vietnamese family in the 1970’s, MSPC has been involved in the mission of refugee resettlementIn the 1990’s, we sponsored another Vietnamese family, 14 Ukrainians, several families from Bosnia, a group from Iran, a family from Iraq, and a Somalian family. In the year 2000, MSPC helped sponsor a Congolese woman, and in 2001, we housed another Congolese refugee family in the Mahan Center. In 2002, we housed and sponsored Farima and Adila Aslami from Afganistan and the Demiri family from Kosovo. The Demiri family stayed with us through April 2003. In 2007, we sponsored the Lawson family from Liberia, and this year, we are sponsoring the wonderful family from Iraq–Hyam and her two boys.  MSPC has helped to provide all of our refugee families with the opportunity to rebuild their lives, so ruthlessly destroyed by adverse conditions in their home countries. With our support, they have met the challenges of a new home and culture, have learned English, have secured good jobs and become financially independent. Some have received public school and university educations and, through careful planning and thriftiness, have been able to buy homes and to bring other family members to the United States at their own expense. Truly, they have enriched our lives at Maxwell Street and, in the community, they have been residents who have contributed to the economic strength of Lexington. Many will soon become citizens with a deep appreciation of what that citizenship really means.