Sandwich Ministry

sandwich ministry

Sultry summer mornings, rain, snow, even during the ice storm of 2003, Sandwich Ministry thrives every Sunday morning. Sunday mornings, when many area relief agencies are closed and the homeless are left with nowhere to find food, we create and distribute sandwiches to those in need. A group of volunteers gathers at 8:30 in the church kitchen to prepare 120 sack lunches (2 ham and cheese sandwiches, a juice box, and fruit). It’s not a turkey dinner, but it’s something our neighbors count on every single week.  Then at 9:10, a delivery crew gathers all of the coolers of sack lunches, cool lemonade (soup during winter), and coffee and distributes the free food at the lower level parking lot behind Rupp Arena (NEW LOCATION starting OCT 8) at 9:30. If you are interested in volunteering on Sunday mornings, please contact the church office (255-1074).







April 1 thru May 27, 2018


Below you will find the new Sandwich Ministry schedule, but only for April and May.

As most of you know, since moving to a new distribution location under the Jefferson Street viaduct the attendance by the Community has decreased considerably. We’ve tried several times to spread the word of our new location, but attendance remains low. Reasons for the decline range from the new location to increased opportunities for members of the Community to find food. In particular is a hot meal that is served each Sunday at noon next to Phoenix Park.

The situation has been an item of discussion at the last few Mission Committee meetings and it will be discussed again at the April 8 meeting. It may be that the Sandwich Ministry has run its course. I will let you know where we stand after that meeting, and if it is decided to continue on into the summer I will send out a schedule that will include June and July.

No matter the outcome, I want to thank each one of you for your continued contribution to the Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church Sandwich Ministry.

Please look over this new schedule and if you know you will not be able to work on a Sunday you have been assigned either “reply to all” in response to this email asking for a sub or to switch dates, or let me know. My email

is or call my home phone, 223-9020, especially if it is a last minute change.

Remember when a family is scheduled to work it is expected that at least two people from a family will work. And please clean any pots and pans you use in making sandwiches or the liquid containers after delivery.

As usual, the making of the sandwiches begins at 8:30 in the church kitchen. Delivery people should begin loading their cars at 9:15.

Thank you,

Joe Kyle


April 1  Easter

Make: Summers Family, Brantly Graham & Joy Malone, Carol Jordon

Deliver: Brantly Graham & Joy Malone, Goulson Family

April 8

Make: Karen & Dave Van Sanford, Greg & Jean Harper, Sandy Kyle

Deliver: Karen & Dave Van Sanford, Becky Kemper, Robert Ray

April 15

Make: Blitch Family, Smith Family

Deliver: Blitch Family, Smith Family

April 22

Make: Sheila Kalas, Joyce Rose, Ruddy Family

Deliver: Karen Dimon, Shelli Gregory, Mark Hart, Jamie Schrader

April 29

Make: Midway Presbyterian Church

Deliver: Midway Presbyterian Church

May 6

Make: Gookin Family, Lon, Angela & Cristina Keith

Deliver: Gookin Family, Terry &N Laurie Hainley

May 13

Make: Sally & Nick Baker, Denise & Ray Reynolds, Carolyn May

Deliver: Sally & Nick Baker, Richard Marshall, Jason Williams

May 20

Make: Joe & Pam Boldt, Rich & Kate Copley, Carol Bryant

Deliver: Carol Bryant, Tad Hughes, Barry Snelling, Rich Copley 

May 27

Make: Sharron Townsend & Larry Bender, Kalika Family, Perry Family

Deliver: Cegelka Family, Hawkins Family