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According to the United Way, 2 adults working full time for $12.00 cannot support themselves and a single child in Fayette County, but their income would exceed the Federal Poverty Line. This household would be considered ALICE, (Asset Limited, Income Constrained, Employed). ALICE households earn too much to qualify as “poor” but are still unable to cover basic household expenses.

Who is ALICE? Who is ALEC?
She is the young woman who washes your dishes at that fancy restaurant.
He is my grandfather who didn't plan for retirement and is working as a greeter at Walmart.
He is David, the formerly well-off middle-aged manager who is deemed expendable.
She is Susan, the McDonald's service worker who takes your order.
He is Jamal, the worker who makes only $8.25 an hour.
She is Sheronda, the woman down the street who has just lost her job.
They are our children, who are living hand to mouth after having made some bad choices.
They are our neighbors.

Even before the pandemic, in 2018, 42% of U.S. households were struggling to make ends meet. These workers often struggle to keep their own households from financial ruin, while keeping our local communities running. The church has a role to play in supporting these individuals and households while working for equality. We’ll think about how Maxwell Street and the larger church can do this at Kerygma this fall!