Mission Immersion Camp

Maxwell Street Presbyterian Church is committed to identifying and addressing the needs of those whom Jesus called “the least of these.” We are involved with a number of social ministries that exist in the community and are constantly at work on creative solutions to the problems that plague the poor throughout the U.S.

Available Dates for Summer 2023

June 11 - 16 (already reserved)
June 18-23 (already reserved)
July 16-21 - available
July 23-28 - available

July 30- August 4 (already reserved)

Questions & Contact
Please feel free to call us at 859-255-1074 with any questions or to schedule your group.

Address: 180 E. Maxwell Street Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: 859-255-1074
Email: kate@maxpres.org

About our program

The Mission Immersion Project also  accomplishes the goal of helping youth understand the plight facing those who are poor in America.  The week-long experience combines education with implementation.  Groups not only hear and discuss social injustices, but work hands-on through mission.  Our hope is to instill a desire in the youth to return home and begin or join similar areas of ministry.

With hard work comes play, so free time is built into the schedule.  Maxwell Street is located on the edge of the University of Kentucky.  Basketball courts, a park, and swimming pools are in the neighborhood. One afternoon and evening are set aside for groups to choose a day outing. 

Possible Work Sites

Hope Center
is a homeless shelter that works to rebuild the lives of those they serve. They sleep 800 clients each night, but serve even more through meals, social services, and more.

Lighthouse Ministries Dining with Dignity
is a food bank that includes a network of more than 300 member agencies, providing more than 121,400 meals every day for hungry people in Central and Eastern Kentucky across a 50-county service area.

The vision of the West End Community Empowerment Project is to foster a well-informed community that is actively engaging in promoting family values and community unity, health and wellness, maximizing educational opportunities, and civic and economic development.

E7 Kids’ Café
is a safe place in the community where children, ages 4-17, can eat, play, and learn.
exists to nourish communities by growing, cooking, sharing and recycling food. They are dedicated to improving healthy food access by maintaining community gardens where produce is shared with neighbors. Many of our Lexington neighbors live in food deserts where access to healthy food and transportation do not exist.  This situation increases the risk for diabetes, obesity, malnutrition, and other chronic health problems.

Catholic Action Center
provides a friendly place for the marginalized in the community to receive their basic needs with dignity. Services include three meals per day, showers, restrooms, mail receipts, a telephone, clean clothing, and more.

International Book Project
promotes education and literacy by sending more than 300,000 books to schools, libraries, churches, and Peace Corps volunteers throughout the developing world and the United States.

The details about the program

Housing is provided in a renovated 19th century, air conditioned, three story house located directly behind the church.  The second floor is reserved for work camp.  Men’s and women’s restroom facilities with showers are located adjacent to the sleeping quarters.  A large kitchen is also located on the 2nd floor.

Food is provided for meals beginning with breakfast on Sunday with the exception of Wednesday afternoon and evening.  The group is responsible for meals during their non-programmed free time on Wednesday.  Cooking meals and clean up duties are the responsibility of the group and are shared by all participants.  Opportunities also  exist to eat lunch at several work sites.

We require that there be at least one adult leader for every five students.  When working with others in mission situations, a certain level of maturity is needed.  We are open to middle and high school youth, as you deem appropriate.

COST  $350/person       $75 deposit (counts toward total price)
Reservations may be made by phone. A $75 per person non-refundable deposit will be required within two weeks of booking.  Additional deposit requirements will be explained at the time of reservation.  We ask that you make a “ballpark” guess at the size of your group.  Total cost per person is $350 (which includes the $75 deposit). The full amount is due one month before your scheduled week.
Please call to see which weeks are still available.

Groups arrive on Saturday evening and depart the following Friday morning.  The cost covers food, housing, programming, and leadership for the week.  
We hope that you will consider this type of experience as you decide how best to channel your efforts this summer.  We pray that your time with us will benefit both you and the people you come to serve.

Questions & Contact
Please feel free to call us at 859-255-1074 with any questions or to schedule your group.

Address: 180 E. Maxwell Street Lexington, KY 40508
Phone: 859-255-1074
Email: kate@maxpres.org