Thursday Night Meals

In-person meals have resumed.
Please join us on Thursday Nights at 5:45pm for a free Community Meal.
(doors open at 5:30pm)
Please use the door near the playground entrance.


Thursday Night Meals take many hands. We need around a dozen volunteers each week. 
Whether you can commit weekly, monthly, or just want to be on call; whether you are a church member, local group, or neighbor, this is an amazing opportunity to be the serving hands and feet of our community.

If you would like to volunteer for Thursday Night Meals, please email

History of Thursday Night Meal

Here is a historical look at our program: Each Thursday evening for the past several years, we at Maxwell Street have provided a hot meal, served in our Fellowship Hall to those who have need of food.  This program began as an outreach to the homeless in the downtown area but soon found many of the poor, the marginally employed, the families living on the edge, and the elderly began to quickly utilize this meal.  By serving food in a manner using real plates and real cutlery, a sense of dignity is fostered.  These folks have found their way to the meal from many different sources, with many various stories to tell.

 Last year we served over 4,500, with some folks becoming regular visitors, some seasonal, others only at the end of the month when food stamps run out, and others as they pass through.  This program provides a place for them to stop in out of the weather, to sit down at table and enjoy a meal with a sense of dignity, if only for the short time spent on Thursday nights.  This year we have noticed an increase in the number of folks attending the meals.
This program is primarily funded by the generosity of the congregation during the fourth Sunday hunger offerings gathered during the singing of the final hymn.  Without this generosity there would be no program!  All manner of support is welcomed for this essential program, from the donations of money and food, to help serving meals and cleaning up.  We also partner with our brothers and sisters from Faith Lutheran who visit on the first Thursday of the month to lend a hand in this urban mission.
It’s not too early to mark your calendar to help serve our neighbors.

First Thursday of the month — Faith Lutheran Church
Second Thursday of the month — Youth
Third Thursday of the month — UK Geography Organization and Elders (even numbered months); Deacons (odd numbered months)
Fourth Thursday of the month — Woodland Christian Church
Fifth Thursday of the month — College