Parking at Maxwell Street

How it all started...

#1 MSPC Parking Lot
Our own parking lot can be found on the corner of Maxwell Street and Martin Luther King Blvd. The large church sign is on the right, and the parking lot is right there, before you drive past the actual church building. It is open all week long with enough parking for daytime activities, and with special spaces parked for “handicapped” and “seniors.” On Sunday morning it is convenient for those who need to park closest to the doors. Please let those most in need park the closest.

#2 UK Lot
Right across Maxwell Street from our parking lot is the UK lot used by those who work at Good Samaritan Hospital during the day. It is always open for us in the evenings, Saturday, and Sunday – no ID required.

#3 Professional Arts Bldg
This is my favorite place to park on Sunday morning! I drive to church down Nicholasville/Limestone, turn right onto Maxwell Street (the hospital is on the right and medical buildings are on the left). The first left is into the Medical Plaza, but drive a few feet further, underneath the overhead walkway, then turn left into the driveway marked “UK Health Care, Good Samaritan Hospital, Professional Arts Building, 135 Maxwell Street.” I enter that driveway which opens onto a large parking lot. UK has given us permission to park there on Sundays, since their offices in that building are closed – no ID required. Then it’s just a quick walk across the intersection of MLK and Maxwell Street.

#4 Coliseum Lot
On Saturdays and Sundays, with UK permission, we’ve been using the lot right behind the Coliseum off Lexington Ave. It’s a great place to park – but sometimes gets a lot of student cars as well. The church staff likes to park there on Sunday and come in the blue door to the Sanctuary on Lexington Ave. If you can, come park with us and enjoy the walk over — no ID required.

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