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For God is good, and God’s loving devotion endures forever;

God’s faithfulness continues to all generations.

Psalm 100.5

Maxwell Street Re-Opens to Full Capacity

On June 14th, our Session voted to resume full capacity worship services and to relax our Covid-19 protocols. The details are below. The Session wants to thank the congregation for their incredible faithfulness, patience, and desire to keep one another safe over the past 15 months. Losing one’s place of worship, especially in the midst of a crisis with the magnitude of a pandemic, was deeply painful for many of us. At times, it felt like we were being forced apart just when we needed one another most. However, we witnessed so many of you reaching across the distance to help us hold one another together. During our meeting, the names of way too many individuals to list were lifted up with words of gratitude for their dedication to our community. God’s work through you kept our community together. We are so grateful for your faithfulness. 

As we return to worship with very few restrictions, we want to encourage you to be patient and understanding with your neighbors and yourselves as you determine the ways that you all feel most comfortable worshiping. Even if you are vaccinated, we understand that you might not be ready to not wear a mask or would like a little distance between you and your neighbor at church. No one will question your decision, and let’s work together to give one another the space you and they need.* You might be curious about, disappointed in, or maybe frustrated with your friend who is still wearing a mask. We ask you to trust their discernment process and to support their decision to continue to mask/socially distance or worship online. We also ask those who choose to continue to observe Covid protocols to trust that those who have decided to forego the restrictions have made their decision with the same level of intentionality.  

Maxwell Street prides itself for having a place at the table for everyone. We’re excited to welcome you back in person and we hope you will work with us to welcome one another. I hope to see you on Sunday! 

Grace and Peace,

Here are the basics:

  • No pre-registering to attend.

  • All pews will be open.

  • Masks will not be required and no one will ask you to wear one.

  • Passing of the peace and the plates will resume, but attendees are encouraged to participate only as they feel comfortable.  

  • The Nursery will be open this Sunday, June 20th for childcare starting at 10:00am for infants through age 5. Childcare providers will wear a mask and encourage children between the ages of 3 and 5 to wear one as well. 

  • Online Streaming is a permanent addition to Maxwell Street.

  • Session strongly encourages those who are unvaccinated to continue to wear a mask, socially distance, wash their hands frequently, and observe all appropriate Covid precautions. 


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