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Theology on Tap

Winter Theology on Tap
January 25 at 7:00pm via Zoom
Celebrating Epiphany with Star Words

Have you heard of star words? First, have you heard of Epiphany? It is the day almost two weeks after Christmas that we celebrate the part of the story where the caravan of the wise men travel and finally make it to see Jesus. In many church across the country, people pick a word out of many and this word becomes a guiding intention for the new year, much as the wise men were guided. Like any spiritual practice, it can become deeper, more meaningful, and sacred through our commitment to it and openness to it. As a way of beginning the year together with intention, hope, and community, young adults are invited to participate in star word letter writing. You will receive a word from the church and be invited to write a letter to yourself to open a month down the road inspired by your word. You will also have a star word pen pal and be invited to send them a card with a note inspired by your word. The practice is open ended with the possibility of repeating throughout the year or letting it begin your first month with intention. If you are interested in participating in this spiritual practice to start the new year, email Rachel (rachel@maxpres.org)


January 25


7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

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